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Hi, I’m Giovanni Casetti, an Italian fine-art photographer, and I’ll try to explain the world of my  photography and what’s behind the scene.

I can’t’ resist without taking pictures for more than few days. If I try, I get nervous and all slightly becomes worse. It’s my way of life, my preferred way for being creative, and I need it strongly. When I’m outside taking pictures, I can deeply be myself, and a part of me which normally stays in the background, takes the control and starts to talk a language made of archetypes, moving lines and symbolism.

Now that I’ve been taking pictures for more then ten years, I feel surely not at a road’s end. I want to become better, a picture after another, as always.

I can easily learn new photographic techniques, or discover new locations or subjects, but the philosophy behind all this is harder to interiorize, I must put myself under a lens (!!) and try to change the game, and do it better.

Probably, certain sides of my nature have been good at making me grow, never being completely happy with my results.

Now I go outside several times a week, almost in new places every time. I’ve understood that, staying at home, I can figure out if the place is adequate, and plan my path across the trails in the woodlands, using www.openstreetmap.org (and the relative app OsmAnd for smartphones). It includes little and narrow paths, so I can’t be lost, also if I don’t know the place. This is very good if I want to explore or want to know the route of a trail, when I’m there.

Anyway, when I try to understand from home if the place is good or not, it’s a bit of black science: keep in mind that I shoot much more macro pictures of details, than landscapes. I also use satellite photos from Google Maps, to improve the search.

Surprisingly, I don’t go outside basing upon a certain light, or weather, or season, or hour of the day. I shoot with the conditions I have, time after time, and I try my best to adapt to the situation. So I’ve experimented that cloudy days are better for woods (no harsh shadows), and for green in general. I walk slowly as a little baby, and I keep in mind that every tree may hide a treasure on his cortex, every lake can have good reflections that make patterns, or surprising drawings made of bubbles under the ice, in winter.

I’ve added other types of photography: private events (birthdays, parties and so on) and rock bands. I’ve tested my skills for some times, both with events and rock bands, and now I’m happy with all of them.

Rock bands pictures are all ground of personal satisfaction, not money, because I’ve just started, and for now I’m shooting amateur bands, not professionals. But I enjoy it.

My own firm is called Fotoperamore, that’s “Pictures for love”. I’ve started calling my work like that when it was only a hobby for me, despite I was taking it seriously: I started with a reflex, not a compact camera, shooting already in raw mode. After so many years, I’ve finally understood the real meaning of all this: it’s all a matter of love.

For me, when it takes several days outside to bring home a good picture, and I’ve to look around like a mad, analyzing all the details of a tree or leaf, or stone… it’s love.


My works




Fotoperamore di Giovanni Casetti – Trento – Italy
Mobile: (from outside Italy, please use email) +39/3281772268
E-Mail: giovanni@fotoperamore.it
Social: Facebook | LinkedIn
P.IVA(VAT) IT02429660224

    FotoperAmore di Giovanni Casetti

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