Dreams – Giovanni Casetti Photography


...that's made of the same matter of dreams...

[ Whirls – 2009 – NR000186 – 28 x 42 in ]
This is a dream, made of not so clear things, that start so many questions within you, when you wake up. What was that whirls ? And what there was before ? Oh, I don’t remember well… [Pssst….It’s simply steel]

[Rusty – 2009 – NR000189 – 26 x 19 in]

Here, there is the first rusty subject. It reminds rivers of gold on earth, but it’s simply rust on iron.

[A tell of stones – 2016 – NR000301 – 28 x 28 in]
This is a complex tale, with so many levels of darkness fused in the stone and vertically fragmented. It’s the result of a mine explosion (horizontal, in the center of the picture), and you can still see the trace that starts from the right side and arrives at the center of the explosion.

[Fire on iron – 2009 – NR000188 – 28 x 28 in]
This is the second rusty subject, it reminds the flames of a fire, but it’s simply rust on iron.

[ Wind – 2009 – NR000185 – 35 x 24 in ]

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