Ice – Giovanni Casetti Photography


ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHIC PANELS. Details captured in nature, abstract artist, with games of lines and geometries in which it is easy to get lost with the imagination, and live one’s own emotion and rediscover the uniqueness by giving an answer to reasons. To characterize your hall, your entrance or your meeting room.

[At the right point – 2018 – NR000332 – 73 x 48 in ]
Here there is not much to tell: some forms, in harmony with each other, which seem to hint at a diagonal flow, reminds another idea. As usual, these are simple air bubbles trapped under the ice in an alpine lake. And I was also without a compass, that day …

[ Different worlds – 2016 – NR000281 – 42 x 28 in]

This image is about two worlds that touch, or rather permeate themselves: one hot and the other cold, light and obscurity, water and ice. One good thing that you can do, is to put two elements that seem talking one to each other, and of course this is easier with two opposites.

[ Ice 2 – 2016 –  NR000282 – 42 x 28 in]

Someone has said that this picture seems too much artificial, but this is exactly the point! As said before, I prefer to take what I can find, and I do my best to adapt, so it’s fundamental to see the picture before taking it, and not to leave something without spotting it. You have to be rather focused, and that time I’ve worked well with the composition, it seems made with photoshop, isn’t it ?

[ Blue dream – 2017 – NR000311 – 42 x 28 in]

As in dreams you are not sure about, once you wake up, in the same way here you do not know what is in focus and what not, what’s near and what’s far away, and the mind remains puzzled as the eye explores. On awakening, you just remember that “it was a blue dream”. They are crystals of ice, taken from far with a tele lens, on the surface of a frozen lake.

[ Frost – 2015 – NR000229 – 28 x 28 in]

It was winter, and I had arrived there for a ballooning event. I arrived early, I parked the car, and immediately I saw this beauty on the car next to mine. Frost. The car had remained in the cold all night. The sun had just risen on the other side of this car, so the frost was backlit. Priceless. I was enthusiast and started to speak aloud, my friend did not understand why, then he saw me photographing. Definitely a stroke of luck, but not so rare indeed.

[Ghiaccio 1 – 2015 – NR000225 – 42 x 28 in]
The next three pictures are of frozen puddles, at the sunset. Very grazing and low light.

[ Ghiaccio 2 – 2015 – NR000226 – 41 x 24 in ]

[ Ghiaccio 3 – 2015 – NR000227 – 42 x 22 in ]

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