Landscapes – Giovanni Casetti Photography


nature / panoramic

[Tovel lake – Italy – 2017]

This picture is made of five single vertical images, taken with a wide lens (14-24 mm). First, you have to level the tripod, so that panning will not have a wrong inclination: it have to be perfectly horizontal. You can help yourself with the lines in viewfinder, matching with landscape objects. Remember to keep overlapping between 15 and 30 percent (here is almost 30%). Once home, use your favourite software to merge the images. Here, I’ve used Adobe Camera Raw.

[Lavarone lake – Italy – 2017]
This was taken at Lavarone lake, north of Italy, near Trento. Obviously it’s autumn, in the best colours period. Some days after, most of leaves were fallen. You have to keep in mind that different trees are at their best in different periods, and at different altitudes. Note the imaginary line that starts from near the water on left side and goes higher toward right side, made by the trees tops.

[Cei lake – Italy – 2017]
This picture is made of seven vertical images, merged (as usual) with Adobe Camera Raw. Here where i live, there are few days with a perfectly clear and blue sky, so I go outside often in those periods. This is Cei’s lake, in a perfect morning. Sun was behind me, so that the mountain is illuminated but the grass near me is darker.