Water – Giovanni Casetti Photography


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ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHIC PANELS. Details captured in nature, abstract artist, with games of lines and geometries in which it is easy to get lost with the imagination, and live one’s own emotion and rediscover the uniqueness by giving an answer to reasons. To characterize your hall, your entrance or your meeting room.

[Triplice – 2018]
Here it’s easy to understand that it’s water. There are three areas, like a gem of semi-precious stones, with warm and gaudy colours on the lower left, while on the upper right there are colours more cold. The diagonal composition makes us lose ourselves for a moment, and we do not recognize what we are looking at. Like three kingdoms in peace for centuries, there is no clear division between them, but one seems to continue the story initiated by the other, in peace and collaboration. It’s nature, it has never reinvented the wheel twice, and if you know where to look, you can see in its works the same things you have in your heart or brain. All three areas are made up of water. Actually, for the more experienced, I have to say that I did the development of the raw file in three separated zones, otherwise I would have valued only one of the three areas, penalizing the others. Now that you have been waiting a bit (and I hope a little intrigued) I can tell you that it is simply a waterfall, seen from above. I was lucky enough to access a structure placed on the water, and from there I took the shot. So the beer-colored part in the lower left, is the sandy bottom of the stream, while the middle part that divides the image is the water jump, and the foamy part in the upper right corner is obviously the water below.

Blue steel – 2016 ]

Pictures of water are always interesting and surprising, also for the photographer. Water never stops moving, reflecting the surroundings and the sky, creating patterns and shapes. In this picture it seems blue rolled steel, but it’s a complex mix of sky colour, speed of the wind, deep of the water, sun position, weather, light colour and camera settings. As I’ve already said, I don’t wait for a certain theme to be in perfect conditions: I prefer to go outside and catch the moment.

[ Different play – 2015 ]

This is one of my favourite. I was near a little lake within my mountains, here in Trentino, in the north of Italy. The sun was at its zenith, there was a clear summer sky and a gentle wind moving the water. I waited for the proper wind speed, in order to have the right water pattern in the picture, and I shooted a series of maybe thirty pictures. Don’t be surprised, I was looking for the perfect water design, and once home I’ve chosen only very few pictures.

[ Mirror – 2016 ]

I like patterns, and the best are of water. Water can be your best ally or your nightmare: you have to take it as it is, because you can tame it only a bit. Fundamental is to shoot quickly, because sudden changes of wind speed or light intensity can deeply change the game and the result. This is taken with a tele lens (f/20 aperture), in a day with clear blue sky and a lot of light.

Water nests – 2016 ]

The best conditions to take a picture can be found anywhere, anytime …. provided you do not have to wait for a specific subject! I have set my job on a certain kind of photographs, which I can shoot using the most different subjects, always in nature. That is time-saving: what I find, I shoot. In this case I have seen proper conditions for a picture taken from over the water, with a large lens (14-24mm), so I’ve waited till the wind slowed down, to have a certain design of sun reflections, and I took some shoots. The real strenght of this subject is the low level of water, and the dark green depth below. As usual, it will be very hard to meet that conditions another time, but I will look for other good conditions of other subjects!

[ Marmoreal – 2016 ]

Have you ever seen a kind of marble like this image ? I’ve thought about it when I was developing this picture. Nature does not reinvent the wheel twice: archetypes works because you see something that you recognize, also if not in that exact form. It’s a game of hints. So you can have a cup of coffee, lay down in your sofa, relax seeing this image printed big, and let difficulties drift away… After all it’s only water.

[ Illusion – 2016 ]

The sun and its reflections on the water, the bottom of a lake and the reflection of the sky, can create an abstract picture.

[ Different twins – 2016 ]

A reed that is reflected in the water, but provided you have the right wind speed, to have the right design on the water. Different twins, each in a different realm, talking to each other.