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ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHIC PANELS. Details captured in nature, abstract artist, with games of lines and geometries in which it is easy to get lost with the imagination, and live one’s own emotion and rediscover the uniqueness by giving an answer to reasons. To characterize your hall, your entrance or your meeting room.

[Fallen – 2016 – NR000304 – 42 x 28 in]
Current water, white stone on the background, and some fallen leafs, a symbol of the autumn. The leaves seem to resist to the flow of the water, but till when ? An instant, cought just before the strenght of the flow brings all away.

[Lava sul mare – 2017 – NR000313 – 28 x 28 in ]
This subject hit strongly my imagination, when i saw it the first time. It’s a detail of a big tree without cortex, laid down in a garden, as an attraction. The upper darker part seems solidified lava to me, still red for the intense heat, while the bottom part, for the designs that remind the ocean waves, seems the sea. Hence the title.

[Il respiro del drago – 2016 – NR000305 – 42 x 28 in]
Under a big root, this beauty was waiting for me. I had to kneel to see it, and taking a picture was a little complicated, because of the position of the tripod. The upper part, with it’s white tongues, seemed to me the steam from the mouth of a dragon, hence the title. Ah, it’s wood!

[Wood streams – 2014 – NR000215 – 42 x 28 in]
I’ve seen this in a marvellous wood, as those depicted in children’s books. It was clean, healthy, silent and perfect. At every step, there was a discovery: a little stream, a strange bark of a tree, or it’s roots. And exactly that was the case: the root of a tree, an area of about two centimeters, in that magical wood. No human or gnome intervention of any kind, not even mine, on this subject: I have shooted it exactly as it is, and I’ve only processed the digital negative.

[Stormy wood – 2018 – NR000344 – 73 x 48 in]
As I have done many times, here I show you something that you don’t recognize easily, and that reminds you of something else, isn’t it ? I’ve called it “Stormy wood” because the designs are similar to the sea, seen from above, when there is a storm, and the colours, blue and grey, remind of that. Ah, it’s a dead trunk which has lost the bark.

[Horns of a young moose – 2017 – NR000318 – 28 x 42 in]
Two horns, sketched in stone by a hasty or too evocative sculptor, remain there, to witness the moment when he tried to pull a concept out of himself, perhaps at the end of an evening of chattering, wine and happiness. The work did not come as wanted, but he appreciated his effort, and left it there to trace a path of his inventiveness. None of this, it’s a tree bark.

[Gold vein – 2017 – NR000321 – 42 x 28 in ]

The wood subjects are the most difficult to see, when you walk in a woodland. Obviously there are many trees, but which of them hides the desired design ? You can’t deeply analyze every tree, so which is the trick ? Experience is the answer: time after time, you’ll learn to see from the distance which are the good subjects, then you’ll get closer, and almost always you’ll find what you’re looking for.

[ Wooden serie – 2015 – NR000278 – 42 x 28 in]

This is another example of what i said before: there was a ruined base of a cut tree, and as i got closer, i saw these little knots in a series. Keep in mind that all the scene is no more than three inches wide, but this is exactly what you need to amaze the spectator, because he has never seen such things.

[ Decoration – 2016 – NR000303 – 28 x 42 in]

This is a flower decoration, a gentle design put on a stone. Isn’t it ? No, they are lichens on a cortex. I’ve always loved to put the spectator in front of something he doesn’t completely understand and that remembers something else. The majority of my abstract nature pictures are conceived with this in mind. When you take pictures full of archetypes, this is easy, but to learn to see them is harder.

[ Africa – 2017 – NR000312 – 42 x 28 in]

As said above, I always take pictures of something that you don’t easily recognize, but that remind you of something else. This can be very powerful in an artistic image: I “write down” some brief lines, and the spectator make the rest, he builds by his own the remaining of the “tale”. So, here we have colours, lines and designs that remind you of those of animal fur and of earth in Africa.

[ Underwater environment – 2016 – NR000293 – 28 x 28 in]

A macrocosm in a microcosm. When you zoom in on something that you are not used to seeing so close, an unknown and surreal world appears. Does not this seem like a new species of corals or vegetation, below the water level? They are microscopic fungi, on the bark of a tree.

[ Sailors – 2017 – NR000309 – 28 x 28 in]

Wet ropes immersed in ice. Or a strange caravan on the water, seen from above. None of this. It is a small part of a bark. Here you can see the archetypes at work: you see something you do not recognize right away, but that looks like something else (what I said in the first two sentences). Recognition is the important part, and in nature there are many things that fit well in the role of archetypes.

[Surf da onda – 2018 – NR000337 – 59 x 27 in ]
The remains of an ancient shell, etched in the sea bed of millennia ago, come to light, emerged to be found by a more careful eye than others. A “tube” for surfing, finished inside the wood thousands of kilometers away: they say that the beating of wings of a butterfly in Europe causes a flood in Asia …. Tell me what you see, and I’ll tell you who you are. However, it is simply a tree to which the bark has been torn.

[ Shapes – 2016 – NR000297  – 38 x 28 in]

[ Hot kiss – 2008 – NR000172 – 35 x 25 in ]

[ Root – 2017 – NR000329 – 73 x 48 in]

[Doppio cerchio – 2015 – NR000276 – 42 x 28 in]

[ Map – 2015 – NR000258 – 28 x 31 in]

[ Tempo dopo – 2016 – NR000290 – 28 x 42 in]

[ Mixed – 2015 – NR000273  – 23 x 23 in]

[Tempo – 2015 – NR000275  – 28 x 42 in]

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